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Available courses

This course is designed to examine the history of alcohol and other mood- changing drugs in the United States; the myths and stereotypes of drug and alcohol use; the socio-cultural factors that contribute to the use of drugs; the patterns and progressions of addictions in relation to family dynamics and target populations; the development of personality and human behavior, the cultural considerations in program planning and counselor sensitivity.

This course provides students with a working knowledge of all addictive drugs, their classification, mechanisms of action and pharmacology. It focuses on enabling the students to understand and clearly present and discuss the disease concept of dependency, and it's variables among gender and special populations.

This course is designed to help students focus on the objectives of counseling theories, processes and dynamics through individual, family and groups.

This course is designed to help students understand the core functions of case management, primary intervention services, treatment services, placement criteria, interventions and therapies, relapse and aftercare planning.

This course is designed to help students understand legal and ethical dynamics in substance abuse treatment and corresponding relativity in various settings.

This course highlights the personal and professional growth of the substance abuse counselor.